Global palladium fund launched low-cost physically-backed metal exchange traded commodity (ETC) on the London stock exchange

  • Strong focus on ESG and sourcing metals from suppliers who conform to the UN Sustainability Agenda
  • Lowest TERs in the marketplace
  • First to use Blockchain to record metal bars to provide highest level of security

London, January 20, 2021 – Global Palladium Fund (GPF), which was founded in 2016 by Norilsk Nickel, the diversified mining company, has launched four physically-backed metal Exchange Traded Commodities (ETCs) with the lowest charges in the European marketplace with total expense ratio (TER) ranging from 0.145%to 0.20% on the London Stock Exchange.

GPF is also the first to use Blockchain technology to record bar information into Distributed Ledger Technology, thereby providing an extra layer of security and proof of ownership to the Issuer.  The use of Blockchain is in addition to the traditional recording processes used by the custodian.

Targeting Family Offices, wealth managers, institutional and other professional investors, the new physically-backed gold, silver, platinum and palladium ETCs will track the spot price of the respective metals they cover. The ETCs have a strong focus on ESG. Metals will be sourced from producers and suppliers who support the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda and other global initiatives in sustainable development and responsible mining.

Alexander Stoyanov, Chief Executive Officer of GPF said: “GPF is pleased to bring these ‘physically backed’ metal ETCs to market, giving investors the opportunity to invest in metals that are going to be crucial in the transition to a net zero carbon economy.”

NTree International Ltd, which has expertise in investor education and the distribution of Exchange Traded Products, will promote and market the Securities through Metal.Digital.  NTree has set up Metal.Digital as an education resource for professional investors with a focus on metals and their place in investment portfolios.

Timothy Harvey, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of NTree, said: “The new ETCs give exposure to the spot price of precious metals with some of the lowest charges in Europe.  We are excited to be working with GPF on the promotion of their ETC programme, which with the introduction of blockchain technology brings innovation to the asset management industry.

We see growing investor appetite for commodities that will be driven by the cyclical recovery out of the pandemic and, perhaps more importantly, by the push towards a net zero carbon economy.

To take one example, palladium and platinum will continue to be vital inputs for catalytic converters to meet ever more stringent emission standards from internal combustion engines, while also having an important role to play in hydrogen fuel cell technology.”

Global Palladium Fund

The Global Palladium Fund, set up by Norilsk Nickel in 2016, strives to advance the development of world-changing technologies in essential areas such as aerospace, electronics, and the automotive industries to help make the world a better place. In an industry first, GPF is enabling industrial consumers and investors access to a range of metals in a variety of formats, including the ETCs. Currently, gold, silver, platinum and palladium GPF ETCs are listed on the London Stock Exchange and Deutsche Börse. GPF is proud to be supported by Norilsk Nickel. Its products are in high demand across the globe and it has operations in the Russian Far North, Finland and South Africa. 


NTree provides professional investors with an education and distribution service to access commodities and China through active and passive fund solutions including Exchange Traded Products.  It will promote the GPF ETCs, providing investor education and insights into the role and importance of the metals as well as their place in portfolios. More info: