Investment Rounds

Investment Rounds.

Series A funding is usually held with the aim to optimize the go-to-market strategy or investment management, product offerings, security and equity token offerings or its distribution across various markets with the aim to meet the long-term goals with mechanisms embedded in the business-model. Funds raised during the series A investment round vary from 2 to 15 million USD.

Series B funding is a step forward in investment, building up the killer-feature of the product, maintaining company’s reputation on the market, expanding the customers’ outreach, and meeting investors’ demands. Companies can raise from 30 to 60 million USD during series B round.

Series C funding is held by companies that were able to establish their leading positions on the market. It is being used as a means for additional funding and investment management in order to launch new products or services, expand into new markets, or to acquire other companies. Raised capital is usually invested into successful businesses on the market with the aim to multiply the profits.